The Ability of Students’ Reading Comprehension in narrative text at the Eighth Grade Students

index5Reading is one of four skills in learning English. According to Silberstein, (1994:12) Reading is “a complex information processing skill in which the readers interact with the text in order to (re) create meaning full discourse.The skill is viewed as a complex in information processing skill because the readers should organize data which is read through their cognitive competence. Sometimes for the reader, the reading text often becomes a laborious decoding process mainly because they lack knowledge of the code, as well as knowledge of the cultural context of the reading material in order words, reading is an activity where the readers involve in the text or passage in the reading activity the readers should have knowledge about the sentence and structures to get general information from the text. Reading itself must be mastered by students.

Besides, Burns, et al states that reading as important processing skill composed of two parts: the reading process and the reading product. Reading process means a method, a movement an end that is accomplished by going all the necessary steps. It covers sensory aspect, perceptual aspect, sequential aspect, experiential aspect, thinking aspect, learning aspect, association aspect, and affective aspect. Reading product is the sequence of utilizing aspect of a process in an appropriate sequence. Thus product of reading act is the communication. Since, the eight aspects of the reading process combine to produce the reading product. As a result students should really understand what he/she reads (1984: 2).


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