The Use of Flashcards to Improve Vocabulary Achievement of the Seventh Grade Students

index5In learning a foreign language, vocabulary plays an important role. It is one element that links the four skills of speaking, listening, reading, and writing all together. vocabulary is one of the a components of language that maintain all of the information about meaning and using word in language. By having limited vocabulary anyone will also has limited understanding in term to speaks, listen, read, and write. It is true it world be impossible learn a language without mastering vocabulary. Therefore vocabulary is one important aspect in learning a foreign language. Without vocabulary the students will be difficult to improve their English achievement.

Based on the observation and interview toward the English teacher of SMPN 13 Banjarmasin when I did the pre-research, the students have problems in understanding words meaning.They can not doing reading exercise. they do not have enough vocabulary in their mind. The strategy of teaching reading that applied at the school is traditional method in which the student should open the dictionary if they find difficult in word meaning. As a result, students depend on their dictionaries while they do not know the word meaning in reading text.

There are many media can be used to improve students vocabulary achievement. Flashcard is chosen as a media to improve vocabulary. Flash cards are a card which contains with picture, word, or symbol. It has two sides, one of the sides displays the picture and English word and the other side displays its meaning. Flashcards is interesting media to make the students enjoyable and interest to memorize vocabulary in the reading text. The flash cards can be made by both teaches and learners. Various kinds of flash cards are easily found in books store. Flashcard for EFL teaching or self-study have been used for years and are a useful tool for teacher and learners. By using flash in bottom-processing reading activity, it is expected that students are motivated to study, the students more interested in learning vocabulary and it is will enhanced their vocabulary knowledge.


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